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When a new project is commenced the project team will sit and finalize the project plan with milestones. Once the project plan is ready that will be created in To-Dos with resources and schedule time for each task.


The employee executes the task and system records the time and it will be displayed in time sheet. For each action an email communication will be sent to project members. Document repository will be used to store project documents. The live reports will be generated Daily, Weekly and monthly or Yearly.

These reports will be useful for the management to know the resource utilization, Project consolidation, Resource Or task work status and milestones. So we will know the project is in right track or not with overview. This will help the company to track each project and resources in a proper manner to take right decisions at right time.

Plan A Project

Project planning is a direction for stating how to complete a project within a timespan, usually with defined Tasks and with Available resources.

Milestones creation, modules and Task, resource allocation and Task Estimated hours and Execution progress Vivek360 Covers all phases starting from analysis to deployment.


Milestone Creation

Milestone is a deadline that will be set to a group of tasks to be completed in a specific duration. Milestone can only be closed when all the to-do items under this are closed.


Task Execution

Our real-time dashboard lets you always know how your team is progressing. Identify the resource and describe the roles and responsibilities on the project. Next, specify the number and type of people needed to carry out the project.

Track Billable and non-billable hours and actual working hours on each task and project by each resource, team and for each client. This reports enables you to analyze non billable and billable hours by weekly, monthly to increase overall productivity



A collaborative team calendar for your projects. Get clarity on all of your team’s work in one calendar, Marketing calendars, Project timelines and deadlines.

Scheduling aka milestone creation. Scheduling project wise, Milestones with deadlines and with status tracking for each pending task, completed and overdue tasks.



Messaging is a management function or department, like marketing, finance, or operations, dedicated to the dissemination of information to key constituencies. You can Message Project wise/ milestone wise and enabling communication to individuals without lengthy mails and messaging by individual tasks under one thread.

Add comments to each milestone which can be files, images, data files or videos many more and the Same applies to messages section. messages with resources by Weekly and individual meetings or updates without multiple email perturbing.


File Management

Manage Information Efficiently When you receive a document from a co-worker, vendor, or customer. Stay Organized store the information in Vivek360 – by category.

Share files across all the tasks and members without hustle and Share large files up to 100mb. Such as files, images, data files or videos and more.

File versioning with previous and latest updates, Share files across projects with topic oriented comments and messages. A centralized warehouse for uploaded files in milestones, messages and tasks



You can generate reports that focus on resource availability, utilization, and allocations. Configure and use these reports according to your business requirements.

Generate Consolidated reports for each task and employee/resources and Resource utilization report by teams and projects. Vivek360 helps you to track Individual work status, report and many more


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How we are different from others

Time Sheets

Planning and tracking is very important phase in any management system. The planned deliverables including cost, schedule and time against to the actual schedule. T/M, Fixed and non-billable man hours for all projects is efficiently tracked in terms of C/S/E in Your organization.


Depending on the Projects RACI, Man Hours model is segregated automatically and fine-tuned tailor made billing dashboard is captured and displayed.


Reporting management is an important function and plays a vital role in getting us client’s feedback. The tailor made reports can be further customized and generated as per cost, schedule and efficiency variants.